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Westland Survival – Be a Survivor in the Wild West

If you want to count on your cowboy, then make him like a real fighter. It is not enough to look just like a real rider, his abilities must be on a high level.

Items are incredible and authentic from the cowboy period. Spawn post is our favorite one. What about sturdy pants? Well, only in this game you can find interesting details like these.  Stakes can be useful a lot, remember that! For starters, if you don’t have your stuff, you can steal someone else’s.

Circle fights can also be useful as you can slap an enemy and attack him from behind.

You need to know that you are not only tied to your territory, you are also allowed to explore the mountain and area. The graphic is very good, and you will enjoy the magic of the mountain. If your player is cold, you will get a sign that he needs to warm up, so he does not die of cold. Also, you can explore warmer areas and without special equipment to steal an enemy’s house.

It should emphasize that these are not real enemies, which means that each player explores the same region, the goal is to collect as many items as possible. A useful tip for you may be that since this is not a multiplayer game, there is no need to spend money on building a home because your booty no one can take. Of course, later on when you become the stronger, you will be able to do whatever you want with your property.

We hope that this game will soon include more players and make the play even more exciting and a real challenge to compete.

Food is an essential element in this game, so focus on saving food and you will last longer in the game. If the enemy does not kill you already, do not let yourself starve to death. You can also hunt animals to survive. The good thing is that they don’t have the right weapons, so you can make it easier to fight. Please don’t target the whole herd, only the individuals, I guess you know what that can mean. For example, only one buffalo can provide you with more food than you actually need.

You can even visit the dealer and see what he has to offer. This action can help you conserve energy but still be careful as it will surely kill you when you no longer need it.

We almost forgot! Wendigo can help you to kill zombies, but just for that. Don’t think that he is your friend. Why is this useful? Well, obviously you will use less of your weapon, at least as far as zombies are concerned.

If you love cowboys and wildlife survival, we think you have nothing to wait for. The rancher is waiting for you ready to fight, it is up to you to click HERE.