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Trivia Crack 2 – Test Your Knowledge

In this game your mission is to form a team of original characters and participate in a duel. Here are phenomenal tower contests. Competition is straightforward with funny elements.

For all connoisseurs of history, geography and science, there are particular questions to show real and genuine education. Also, other domains include art, entertainment and knowledge from the sport.

The game offers more than 240 new levels where you can participate with your friends, family or random players. It is crucial to collect gold bars because that can be your double chance during the play.

If you make a wrong answer, a gold bar will allow you to play without losing your life. You have to be lucky to get a crown in a colourful circle. The crown will enable you to choose the category yourself and if you answer the question correctly you will get the original character. So, if you want to gain the victory you must collect all six unique characters. In the end, great rewards are waiting for you.

If you are not happy with the game, you can rate the question with boring with a finger down. Or you can evaluate with fun with a thumb up. But obviously, continue because you never know when the excellent question will come.

It would be good if there are not so many e-commerce. Game is full of positive energy and different colours which just can improve your mood. If you want to spend a day relaxing with these colourful balls, click HERE and start playing.