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Solitaire TriPeaks: Play Free Solitaire Card Games

Play a well-known game in an improved way. As you already know in the game are the cards you need to arrange to win. This enhanced way of playing brings excellent bonuses and rewards. You can win prizes every day, so if you want to start the game now, download it HERE.

When you hear Solitaire, you are probably thinking of play from home, but it is now available on smart devices and you can play it anywhere you want. This is a board game and your friends are welcome, too. If you still want to play alone, that is possible.

Your goal is to discover as many undiscovered cards as possible. First, look at the entry card and start the game. It is open and other movements depend on it. You are looking for a card that is less than or greater than your initial ticket so that the cards can exchange, and new points arrive. To win you need to get rid of all the cards so that the playing field is empty. Every time you get rid of the card, you get new points.

You lose points every 5 seconds without activity. Make sure that as many cards as possible are dealt with in each movement so that you do not enter the vicious circle without going out. The game is limited by time, so we need to draw your attention to allowed minutes.

You are interested in what’s new? Well, they’re not the only cards in question here. Each new level unlocks a new castle and adventure. We recommend the game because it is exciting and relaxing.