mafia city

Mafia City – Over 10M Players!

At the beginning, we want you to know that this game is a real masterpiece! It is not a surprise why it has sooo many players and downloads! Our followers gave us a feedback that this game reminded them of the famous movie – The Godfather, mostly because the incredible story-line! People also appreciate it because the characters – there are different nationalities, languages, dialects, religions… Although there’s no color, the graphics are amazing. All you need is a good strategy – this fact is so cool because you have to use your brain if you want to achieve significant success.

There are 3 available characters: brawlers, shooters and bikers. Chose wisely! Also, the vehicles are cool and they can be upgraded and modified during the game.

The game was updated this January, and if you want to know what’s new, watch the video we prepared for you!

Mafia City latest update