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King of Sails: Ship Battle – New Navy Experience

We recommend this game for all seeker players. Do you want to sail amongst the lonely and unexplored boats while exploring the magnificent islands? This game is the best illustration of what it is like to lead a life from a pirate angle. It is incredible to be able to create your own pirate ship and manage with your crew. Of course, you can improve the performance of your battleship. What is significant is that many rewards are waiting for you!

We know pirates are looking for gold and here you can gain a real treasure chest. Be quick and pick up a lot of gold in pirate-style. But don’t skip the bomb either, because without it you can’t destroy the enemy.

Our opinion is that it would be immeasurable to have more effects in different weather conditions to evoke the authentic atmosphere of pirate action. It would be exceptional if there were ripple effects or the real sounds of a ship crash that would make combat much more complicated. But we like the music that amplifies the impact of the battle.

Online players will enjoy the game and there are four modes of play. The first one is a team fight and there you can form a team of players. Actually, that means battle which includes five players against the opposite five. This is great for all players who like to play in groups. If you want to play against just one enemy, great news that there is a duel. Here you can best show your individual abilities. When you spot an enemy, you need to aim well and not let it get too close. You will find a slightly more dangerous game in deathmatch. The siege is for more experienced players. You need to be proficient in sailing very fast, but you can enhance the features of your ship.

The unexplored landscapes look amazing and it is not easy to stop playing this game. A little help might be a map which shows yours and the movement of the enemy. We have a great video here for you that you should not skip. Enjoy the great graphics of this game.