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Just Dance Now – Learn New Steps!

This is a game for all generations, and everything is happening on smart devices. First, you can’t play without an internet connection. The second thing about this game is that you need a smart mobile phone and support from a laptop or smart TV. If you use the same wifi connection on both devices, they will recognize the application. But don’t worry, if you don’t have equal internet access for different devices, you just need to put room code and game can start. QR CODE is always there to figure out how to connect various devices.

It is simple, just scan code with your smart mobile phone. So, don’t forget to find a way to just dance now on your laptop or other devices. In your internet browser, look for www.JustDanceNow.com. Also, in the game with smartphones are included computers, tablets and chromecast.

Are you thinking about your friends now? Of course, they will join you. Your friends also have to put the same code and enter the room.

Pick a song to play and start this adventure. You need coins for a song. For the beginning you will get 300 coins for free. The best thing is that the application offers three songs for free. The place for your smart mobile phone is in your right hand and your mission is to follow players on the chosen screen. Try to catch these moves. Isn’t it so exciting? We love this choreography.

This multiplayer game is absolutely amazing, and we recommend it if you want to find entertainment with your friends. The game is also excellent for parties. Try this dance and click HERE now.