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Hempire – Let’s Grow Some Weed Together!

Hempire game was a bit shocking at first. It was the first weed growing game on the market and it caused a lot of speculations. More liberal gamers were amazed, but the biggest part of them worried about the consequences. However, everything end up fine and now more then 5 million user are playing this game! Also, it is very high – rated!

The point of the game is to set up your own business – make partnerships, customize the city by building and be smart! If your tactic works out, you will become the biggest and the most respected payer! Your everyday task is to grow marijuana sativa and indica strains. Quiet unusual, isn’t it?! You will also make hybrids in the labs, if you want to. When you start earning larger amounts of money, you will be able to upgrade and decorate your buildings. For us, the most entertaining part is making other cannabis products like cookies, brownies, oil, keef and extracts.

Train very hard and you might win the Hempire Cup and prove to everyone how successful businessman you are.

Check out this amazing free – to – play Hempire experience!