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Epic Seven – Severe War

As we can guess from the headline, this is about the seventh World War on seven languages and your characters must be stronger than ever. That is why player performance has improved. We adore their war suits.

You can learn something from traditional Chinese from this game. We can safely say that it is excellent in every offered language.

Many new and different free time-limited gifts have introduced, so hurry up to collect them. Are you daring enough to wake the ancient queen? The prizes are for brave players.

There is plenty of gold beside the opponent region, keep that in mind. Advice is that your characters obviously pick up Goddess of Soul! In our opinion, the weakest persona is Mercedes but that can be improved as well. Just make sure you triumph as many struggles as you can. It is also allowed to add a fresh member to the group. Choose as influential figures as you can and mark the team leader.

The second episode is waiting for you and the second great thing that is in much better resolution.

Owners of Android 6 mobile phones will be delighted, because the game does not support older models than mentioned. So, don’t expect the game to work and avoid getting nervous with overcome devices.

The maps have expanded so there is more place to compete now. Wait! Well, here you can participate in duels and multi-fights. In the future, we expect the rivals look even crueler.

Do not miss the unique and enormous Arena! The fighting seems even more intense.

We think this play is unprecedented because of the attractive graphics and natural colors, especially on the mobile phone. If you want a broader picture of the battle, you can play on the PC. We adore the short movies in this game that assists as an introduction to the story. Touch the book and find a great story.

We can sum up that this is a modern game with unexpected events. If you want to know everything about this game, click HERE.