Dragalia Lost – Try Transformation into a Dragon! Review

Dragalia Lost – Try Transformation into a Dragon!

Welcome to the great adventure with these amazing war heroes. Try to fight on different ground and enjoy unusual environments.

Four characters are in play and you will notice their pictures in the left corner. Under the picture you will see their energy. Characters are speedy and the game is full of entertaining moments. They can make various moves including jumping, skipping, twisting and rotating. Every hit is counting here! In this fast game, it seems very difficult to target the enemy. But it’s not so – the gunpoint makes you easy to spot, and you notice the protagonist in the size of the characters so you will easily target your rival.

Characters are tiny but graphics are incredible. Your first point will be the avenue to power. When you complete this step, the next one is the avenue to fortune. Try different event and campaigns.

The game is free to download, and you can do it now click by HERE. Upgrades are also available and you can improve your play!

Use different strategies to conquer the enemy. What impressed us was the transformation into a dragon to confuse the enemy. This option is fantastic and quickly leads you to victory. Although they look small, the warriors are powerful and ready for big fights. Dragons are also amazing.

This may not be good news, but it’s impossible to play without an internet connection.