screenshot from creative destruction game

Creative Destruction Bugs Discovered

Creative Destruction Smash – N’ – Shoot is extraordinary game which brings you into it’s unque virtual world! It has been very popular since it has been released. That is the reason why the creators wanted to updte it and improve it. The update was on 17 Jan 2019, but ufortunately, something went wrong.

The gamers criticized a couple of things. Some of them were complaining that every time they tried to open the game, opening splash screen froze and it was impossible to play the game. The other serious drawback is that there’s no aim target and sometimes you jut don’t know where you are. You ttally loose orientation for a 20-30 seconds! Real gaers know how serios this probem might be – one moment of impatience is enough to loose your life!

We recommend trying out this game on your own – see what we are talking about! If you find the solution, please share it with us and with our followers! We would really appreciate that!

If you haven’t played this game yet and you are willing to, you can download it by clicking here if you are Android user!

Watch the video for more details about the game itself!