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Crazy Dino Park – Mix Dinosaur Skeletons

Go back to the Stone Age and start your adventure with your crazy dino. Only you can back these creatures from the past in the present and create a beautiful park. Skeleton parts are everywhere and you just need to locate them. Every solved puzzle will recover one dinosaur into real time.

The new land is available. Your dinosaurs can become very famous in the original area. New duels are also here. Animals can compete and make your place more interesting for passengers. For all puzzle lovers there is a treasure hunt.

Without a doubt you will love these creatures and their animations. For sure this is one of the most exciting game and it is not boring at all. Movements are faster and there is no braking when playing.

If you want to become successful in this job, you must attract tourists. Earn more, then invest in your park and that will bring new visitors.

Owners of mobile phones and tablets can become proprietors of the famous historic park because this game is available on both types of devices.

The best thing is that you can mix your dinos and make a new creation that is more attractive and charming.

The game is open for all players, absolutely free to download and play. It is enough just to click HERE. But also, here is allowed to use real money. If you don’t want to spend real cash on this game you can turn off that option. But everything is permissible when is your success in the question. You just have to look at new irresistible items that can help you improve the look of the park.