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Be The King – Chinese Adventure!

RPG games are maybe the most popular among youngsters and teenagers! Be The King is ideal game for Chinese lovers and people who like travelling – this is great way to find out more about Asian culture and history! We like to promote games which have educational character, not only entertaining! The whole game is placed in one elegant and rich castle and the character you choose is member of well-known and rich Chinese family!

Of course, like every wealthy family, you will have your own retainers and confidants – they will help you to go through daily obligations without stress! During the game, you can create and change their personality and make them more suitable for your needs. You can upgrade them and teach them new skills and new talents which you consider necessary and useful. Very soon, they will be able to fight and win great wars for you and your empire! Like the real Chinese, you will also be able to improve and learn new things in the Academy. Choose wisely which field you want to study! Pick something useful but still not too demanding!

The most entertaining thing is that you can communicate with other players. They can also become your enemies and opponents in the battles. On the other hand, you can become in-laws with other players – it is a bit gross, but you can marry your offspring and add new members in our family! If you haven’t played this game yet, but you want to find out more details about it, you can take a look at game-play video below this text.

Pay attention to this amazing walk-trough!