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BlockStarPlanet – Try Rainbow Blocks

Hello, all block game fans. Now we are on the highest block level because here are not just simple block, here we have star blocks. Even though some of the characters look strange to our players, we know how much you love them because they are exciting and straightforward. In this game you need to focus on your character. Develop it how you want it. We love their little shoes and hats because they are so cute.

A lot of exciting and interesting things are waiting for you in this block world. Make sure you try double jump! Your player moves extremely fast and collects items that take points. Sometimes they move so fast that you only see their shoes. Funny, isn’t it?

Because everything is so positive about this game and with these characters, you can really relax and enjoy their block environment. Your time is also measured, so you strive to be fast and efficient. A circle with light is the goal. The round is over when you see the big FINISH sign. When you complete the task, you will feel great. At the end of each route, except your current time, you can also see what time of the day stood out in terms of speed and what is your best time. Can you achieve all three parameters at once?

And what about the shop? It is amazing. So many incredible items. For example, you can take a new block. Or if you want a better weapon, you can pick cannon. You have more divisions there. You can see what your items are, what your friends have and what is new on offer. Of course, for every offer, it says how much you have to spend circlets to get it. Don’t miss the star-studded column top, it is still in style with this game, as you can see these are block star. Some of the items also you can change with purple diamonds, but they are harder to earn.

The game offers a variety of instruments, blocks, candies and items marked with a VIP. If you found out from a friend about a specific item and you can’t find it, there is a search column. We love Robo Eye, you need 1500 circlets for it. Vip Brain is incredible, it cost 5000 circles. We think the funniest one is Scary Teeth block. You have to fight for fantastic items. What is your favorite block?

Back to the game, there are three options to pick. The first is training, the second is quick and the third is to choose a playing field. Your job is to find your target. When you succeed, press E to remove it. In order not to confuse you, multiple targets may be under the same number. That means you have to remove them all. So, go fast and find them as soon as possible.

Move on to construction. What plan do you have? You can choose the size of the land and start building. Size can be small, medium, large or tall. We advise you to start with a small one until you collect enough other elements. You can pick the floor colors. Can you decide between skydomes and landscapes for your new land?

Of course, we didn’t forget your friends. You can suggest a game and play together. And a fantastic detail that means a lot, you can chat in the game. You can ask your friends to help you with your land. They can be useful with construction. You need to jump and follow the color of this world. We can say that the characters were most enthusiastic. Incredibly elements are added to their classic look that makes them irresistible. We adore a character with a long yellow and curly wig.  You can even peek into the VIP zone, it is in the upper left corner. We may be overdoing it now, but this fantastic gameplay lets your player takes a selfie. For download, click HERE.